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Commissioner’s Cup Champions 3 House try to bring winning attitude to Coyle Cup Championship!


March 1, 2010

HAUPPAUGE, NY– After a stellar performance in the 2010 Commissioner’s Cup, held at the Gardens at Rinx, NY. The almighty 3rd precinct added new faces to an already dominant team. Captain Steve Zembryzki stated these moves will ultimately rejuvenate the 8 time Coyle Cup Champions and  2 time Commissioner Cup Champions because in recent years, their roster has dwindled from its 20 man, 2007-08 roster.

Players added to the 3 House roster are power forward Chris Coyne, who broke out of retirement late last week to help 3 House, Liam “the chubby kitten” Morrow, who’s defensive play has allowed only 3 shots on net in 4 games. Danny “Lawless” Lawless, the most versatile player in the game today. And sniper Drew “Diarrhea” Gillies who’s name speaks for itelf.

Enjoy 3 House Hockey this Friday as they defeat the lowly Puckheads at the Rinx in Hauppauge, NY.



The same faces you have grown to love set their sites on

Lord Coyle’s Cup

beginning Feb. 16 2010, 0845 hrs.

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On the world wide web at 3househockey.com

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And on Television on MSG+